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idealists are the cruelest monsters of them all.

Educated Black Person, Esq., A.A., B.A., MBA, Ph.D., RN, NAACP, AAA

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Disclaimer. This journal contains fan fiction/nattering about male/male relationships of a sexual nature. That means, "Here Be Adult Content." If that is not your particular brand of tequila, or you're underage wherever you reside, then move on.

1. Friend me, don't friend me, whatever. You don't have to ask.
1a. I am not under any obligation to 'friend' you back.
2. All of my writing can be found in my tags or my memories.
3. Do NOT podfic*, record, kindle, ebook, republish, translate or archive my stories without permission as this makes me cross. You will NOT like me when I'm cross.
3a. You don't, however, have to ask my permission to recommend one of my stories.
4. If you piss me off, I will ban you. End of story.

*ETA: I am not currently allowing my stories to be podficced, recorded or translated.

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